Counseling Testimonials

“Barbara Bertch served as my counselor and my friend for over two years. She always bent her ear to listen, and she was completely honest and forthright in her responses. She asked the questions that challenged me to think deeply about who I am in Christ and learn to rely fully on Him. Her personality is soft and gentle, and she has a smile that can make people feel relaxed and willing to share, even with difficult situations. She also ministered to my daughter during a trying time in her young life. Through the relationship that they built, I was able to identify things in my own life that needed to be dealt with in order to move forward in my walk with the Lord and be a better wife, mom, friend, and employee. There’s no one like Barbara, and I will be forever grateful to her.” ~J.C.

”I have seen many counselors in the past. I felt good for a short time by sharing my pain, but there was no progress. As I started with Barbara Bertch I became aware of my contribution to the situation. The information during the sessions and the homework were beneficial in my progress towards a healthy communication and relationship.” ~I.E.

“Barbara has been such a great inspiration in helping me work through my emotional issues which has affected my whole being. Sometimes the person suffering does not know how to identify their true feelings or the root cause of them, and Barbara has helped me put those issues into words with a different perspective. She has given me sound biblical advice from the inspired Word of God and has led me through prayers that have helped free me from certain emotional issues. I do not feel that she is just a biblical counselor but is like a good friend who walks closely with Christ and receives wisdom from the most High God as how to help you as a client work through issues. She is truly gifted and graced with the heart and love of the Lord to help each individual that God puts in her path to assist them with their
healing.” ~A.C.

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