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My name is Barbara Bertch. Previous to my career as a Licensed Professional Counselor, I was a dedicated teacher in elementary, middle and high schools in the states of Arkansas, Illinois, Oklahoma and Texas (both home school co-ops and public schools). Being a life-long learner and having a passion to inspire and equip others, I have reached out to area colleges and the community with continuing education courses and book clubs, as well as speaking and conducting seminars and workshops at conferences and in churches. Also, experience as a BeautiControl consultant equipped me to assess and offer individualized, practical help with women’s personal and image issues. Teaching and Life Coaching all ages have enabled me to encourage personal growth, self- awareness, self-esteem and healthy identity formation in precious people at all stages of life. I have found counseling, coaching and education to be a good blend to develop and promote individual, family and societal wellness.

Our family committed to serve in the Netherlands for 6 years, working in an International Seminary through Greater Europe Mission. When we entered the mission field, my children were six weeks, two, seven and eleven years of age. We moved four times in the first four years, studied the language, and experienced Dutch culture by living in a close-knit village. Our kids were fortunate to be able to integrate into local schools. This challenging, humbling, life-changing experience gave me a new perspective to see cultural influences regarding the basic needs and desires of all people and the truths that transcend culture. Traveling through Europe (including behind the Iron Curtain at that time), hosting internationals who lived with us, and practicing hospitality with peoples of many cultures; these all shaped my love for people and my worldview, clarifying my gifts and calling.

In Europe, an exciting part of the journey was being able to complete a certification from the Culinaire School of Cookery associated with Le Cordon Bleu Cookery. In Ft. Worth, it was my privilege to work with Judie Byrd as recipe tester for Super Suppers and act as her administrative assistant with certification from the Culinary School of Ft. Worth. I have used these skills to teach cookery, hospitality and making the home central to the family– to live, laugh and love. From this stems my belief that attention to the practical affairs of daily life and time invested in nurturing relationships gives life meaning and has great therapeutic value.

In closing, I would like to share my Christian testimony. My passion for counseling stems from personal experiences, which have forged strong convictions. The most important ‘event’ in my life was my conversion as a college sophomore. I had been on a search for peace, hope and purpose, but finding none of these, I was contemplating suicide. One classmate clearly shared the Gospel, the Good News that God has a meaning and purpose for my life. Faith became personal, and my life was transformed. I worked with a local church, Campus Crusade for Christ, and then the Navigators for several years where I learned the importance of spiritual disciplines and being connected to others of like mind. In Europe I participated in L’Abri Fellowship study centers with people from all over the world. These commitments and convictions have seen me through fierce storms such as the illness and death of one of my children, deaths of my parents, a seventeen-year battle as one of my children became innocently involved in the occult, which tore her life and our family apart. Then one day, in answer to many prayers, God quietly delivered her through His Word and His Spirit. God set the prisoner free! God has restored our family whom I love and cherish, my husband of forty years, four children and one grandchild. This birthed my mission to help others find their way in life – to live the meaningful, abundant life designed for each person.

A favorite quote of mine is, “People throw away what they could have, by insisting on perfection which they cannot have and looking for it where they will never find it” (Edith Schaeffer). The reality is that disappointment comes from living in a fallen world with broken people. How often we despair of finding the goodness of God. Yet God offers His promise of help, hope and healing. Hebrews 6:19 “This HOPE we have as an anchor for the soul, a HOPE both SURE and STEADFAST.” Hosea 4:6, “My people perish for a lack of knowledge.” This is knowledge of God, self, others and God’s world. I desire to equip others with tools for living a good life. As a counselor, I come alongside to encourage, speak the truth in love, and to expose the lies so easily believed. Come let us reason together, let us learn together, let us walk together. I invite you to join me at the Colleyville or Ft Worth office.

Living the Good Life You Have Always Wanted!

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