Rates and Insurance

rates and insurance Sessions

Weekly sessions are usually recommended unless there are special circumstances. The length of your therapy is based on your unique needs and goals and are best not determined by limitations imposed by insurance companies.

Before your first session, please fill out the Client Intake Forms found on this site. Fill them out and bring them with you when you come to your first session.


  •  $135.00 for a 50 minute session.
  • Payment Policies:
    • Payment is expected at the time of the visit.
    • I accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal and Venmo.
    • Failure to keep your appointment or canceling within 24 hours of your appointment will result in a missed appointment fee.

Private Pay or Insurance?

Counseling should be considered as an investment in your quality of life. Counseling rates are $135 per session which is 50 minutes.

Insurance companies require that you receive a mental health diagnosis for your claim to be paid. Subsequently, your insurance company will label you with a pre-existing condition for life. This will follow you or your child for a lifetime, as mental health diagnoses are not “curable.” Confidentiality is automatically breached by the number of people that handle your confidential information in order to complete and pay the claim. If I accept payment from the insurance company, your confidential files become the property of the insurance company. If they reimburse you, the file remains my property. Private pay counseling does not require a diagnosis and your confidentiality is assured.

I am an Out of Network provider for many insurance companies and can provide you with billing forms if you want to file for yourself. To file for Out of Network benefits with your insurance: (1) Call the Customer Service number on the back of your card (2) Confirm Out of Network benefits for mental health (3) If so, then ask what the deductible amount is to be met, what percentage of the visits is paid for, and the address to mail your receipt. Mail them the receipt you are given and they will refund your visit accordingly.

A 24 hour notice of cancellation is required, barring some reasonable emergency. For appointments canceled inside the 24-hour window, you will be charged the full fee.

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